Cold Brew - What's the Buzz all about?


Today I received a call from Laura Robin, from the Ottawa Citizen. She writes about Food & Drinks and called because she is interested in writing about our Cold Brew Coffee. It's all very exciting - both the phone call/ request for an interview, and the buzz about Cold Brew Coffee.

We have been seeing a growing interest in Cold Brew Coffee. The North American craze that seems to have started on the West Coast is  now popular Coast to Coast.

You will find Cold Brew in different formats: bottled, canned, on tap, on nitro... We sell it in a long neck beer bottle. Though the contents of that bottle are non alcoholic, don't be fooled... there is a kick! More caffeine and, in our versions, an extra pop thanks to a little carbonation.


Cold Brew Coffee is NOT coffee that has gone cold.  It is not Iced Coffee, not is it Coffee Soda or Coffee Tea or a fancy blended syrupy coffee drink.

It's cold steeped coffee and is sometimes referred to as Cold Press Coffee. Cold Brew just sounds cooler... (no pun intended).


Recipes vary, from 4:1 water to coffee ration to 8:1.  But before getting into that nitty gritty, you must start with the star ingredient, the sweet sweet coffee bean.

The bean selection is important. We choose our Colombian bean, a result of a direct trade we are most proud of. Squirrel ?! is a naturally sweet bean that lends itself well to becoming cold brew.

The grind is also very important. Coarse is key, since a fine grind will result in a more bitter brew. Not a desirable trait when you want to enjoy a cold one on a hot day. Let's leave the bitters to the cocktail makers.

Steeping time is also very important. If you rush the process, you will not have a flavourful result. The grinds must have time to do their job. We are fascinated by the whole process of caffeine extraction and strive to do it right.

Then, filtration. Our filtration system looks a bit like Ned the Science Guy meets Macgyver. Tubes and nets and a bit of magic ensure a clean, bright result.

But wait! We are not finished! We still need to carbonate this liquid legal  drug. So in the keg it goes to get force carbonated.

 We currently have three versions available: an unsweetened version, a lightly sweetened version and a Hops Infused version.

Roaster Matt mixes his Cold Brew with his home made stout beer. It is so yummy. I like mine lightly sweetened, preferably with some of Michaeldolce's hand crafted Root beer syrup.

This also looks quite tempting. CC's Corner in Richmond can hook you up!

If you want to try some, we have samples available at the Beechwood Farmer's Market where we are every Saturday from 9am - 2pm. Come see us!!! Wink wink, nudge nudge.


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