We are Matthew Ellis and Chantal Mills, the husband & wife team behind Barking Barista Coffee Roasters.

Our passionate quest for the perfect cup of coffee started with a Whirley Pop Popcorn maker and some green coffee beans. For Matt, an engineer with a passion for the arts, roasting quickly became an obsession. FIVE Whirly Pops later, we bit the bullet and purchased a  beautiful Diedrich roaster, which we’ve affectionally call Little Red.

Today, we are proud to offer coffee that is traded fairly when direct trades are not possible. We carefully select premium beans which are then carefully and lovingly roasted in small batches on Little Red.

And the doggy connection? I, Chantal, am the owner and head trainer of the Ottawa Canine School. Both Matthew and I are passionate about excellent coffee and we care deeply about helping dogs in need.. That’s why when you purchase our coffee, you are also helping dogs in need. Thank you!