If you have a boutique, a retail store, a grocery store, a café, or an online store, we’d love to work with you. Whether you are looking for coffee for your workplace or for a fundraising event, we can help. Let’s start the conversation!

Why Choose Barking Barista?

You’ll get excellent coffee that is always fresh, delivered weekly to your doorstep.

You’ll get coffee that is carefully sourced. Our coffee is at the very LEAST fairly traded. We have forged relationships with some coffee producers and are very proud of the direct trades we have established.

You’ll get coffee that is roasted in small batches, with love.

How it Works:

Send us an email (barkingbarista@yahoo.com) or call (613) 296-3643 and let’s talk! We welcome the opportunity to see how we can fill your needs.

We’d be happy to drop off samples for you.