We work with all kinds of dog charities and are not affiliated with a particular rescue or organization. It allows us to spread the love.

We serve coffee with a purpose! It feels good to know that not only are you getting an excellent product, you are also helping dogs. We focus our help on dogs that would make a great companion but need help covering expensive vet bills.  

How We Help:

  • We donate a portion of all sales to help a dog or a rescue in need
  • We allow dog-related charities to buy and resell our coffee for profit
  • We attend, sponsor, and support many dog rescue fundraising events
  • We donate coffee to rescues to serve during their fundraising events

Request support for a dog or rescue in need

If you would like the Barking Baristas to know about a dog in need, we'd love to hear from you.  Reach out and request our support, or request coffee for your fundraiser.

Coffee to the Rescue!