There is no doubt about it, we are passionate about coffee!  Our passion is not limited to the delicious black gold.  It also encompasses  the process of selecting the bean, the ethical decisions behind how we purchase it,  the dynamic art and science involved in the roasting process, the fun of cupping, the delight in choosing the perfect cup or mug to pour our finished product in and the joy we get from being able to offer you an excellent cup of coffee.

The journey to the perfect cup begins with the coffee farmers. We select premium beans from a variety of artisan coffee growers around the world.  The quest for the perfect green bean is a crucial step in creating that perfect cup of coffee.

We take pride in carefully developing a roasting profile each origin. Roaster Matt puts his engineer and artistic brain to work to unlock the unique flavours of the beans. He knows every bean and will roast every origin differently. Every batch is carefully and lovingly roasted (not burned!) on Big Red, the nickname we’ve given our Diedrich roasting machine.

Once roasted, we taste! This is a fun and very important step, as it allows us to ensure quality and consistency in the cup.